Italian Yachting Professionals

Italian Yacht Brokers Association

AYBI (Associazione Yacht Brokers Italiani – Italian Yacht Brokers Association), is committed to promote and maintain top-level professional expertise, uprightness, communication skills, and high standards in the field of maritime brokerage, in terms of chartering or buying and selling of yachts.

All AYBI member brokers boast a long-standing experience and a successful background on the international market. We offer our clients all the advantages stemming from joining our strongpoints, know-how, highly relevant personal connections, and mutual support.

We commit ourselves to abide by a strict Code of Ethics to warrant that our companies work for our clients in full respect of the law and of the rules and regulations in force. Our main goals are to keep up top-quality service standards, improve our knowledge and awareness within the industry, and act as a “liaison” between our Members and other groups and/or associations in the trade.




Represent and defend the Yacht Brokers profession in Italy, in Europe, and worldwide.



Encourage the professional growth of our members through refresher courses, legal support, while encouraging the sharing of experiences and information, and by keeping pace with laws and decrees, sector studies and researches.



Promote synergy between yachting professionals, to encourage them to cooperate in harmony in order for the trade to grow and to maintain top ethical and technical standards.


Laws and taxes

Establish a sound connection with professional experts in maritime tax and law regulations in support of the Association’s goal, to help Members deal with laws and taxes.



A delegation representing Yachting professionals in governmental and non-governmental organizations, in Italy and in Europe, to speak for a trade and an industry that often are not granted the consideration they deserve.



Join forces to improve the relationship with other trade Associations, as it happened with Confindustria Nautica, of which AYBI is a member.

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